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Elecro - Rock - Dark Wave - Ebm - World

AL1CE blends elements of electronic, dark wave, and progressive rock (think Daft Punk, the Cure, and Pink Floyd), with surrealistic and fantastic imagery, to create a dreamy, intimate, dark yet cathartic experience for fans. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s concept of embarking on a journey “through the looking glass”, AL1CE’s music explores universal themes of the sacred feminine and masculine, yin and yang, challenges and transcendence... the Unity of Opposites. 

Fans have described AL1CE’s performances as “energetic and beautiful”, “diverse, engaging and heartfelt”, “dark, yet uplifting”, “some of the best live-instrument performances I’ve ever seen” and “goosebumps good”.  

Based in Los Angeles, AL1CE prides itself on a dynamic & immersive live experience. Highlights include headlining the Anime Expo Convention (an international anime festival, with over 100k yearly attendants), representing the U.S. State Department as cultural envoys to Uzbekistan and Algeria, performing annually at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball (North America’s largest masked event), and extensively touring throughout North America.

2021 will be an exciting year for AL1CE, with a brand new EP, new music videos, collaborations, and a US tour planned. (Yassss!). We are so humbled by and thankful to our fans, and we can’t wait to connect with y’all in person once again!

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