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One Sip Brings You Closer To The Truth
For $15.99, get a bottle of the most incredible elixir.. The Bottled Truth hot sauce!


The "Bottled Truth" hot sauce!

Made in batches of 100 bottles each!
Made by our fan, friend and Mad Hatter Steven Baker, the "Bottled Truth" hot sauce is a dream come true in a bottle of deliciousness. It is the most unique and delicious hot sauce we've ever experienced and it is the first of its kind: The "Bottled Truth" AL1CE hot sauce!!  

Each bottle is 5 fl oz. of pure love and inspiration, definitely a treat Alice herself would gladly imbibe, and now you can own a bottle (or two or three ;)

Each hand made bottle contains the following ingredients:

Jalapeno Peppers
Kosher Salt
Blackberry Puree
Distilled WHite Vinegar
Thai Chiles
Pequin Peppers
Xanthan gum as stabalizer

In terms of spice level, we would describe as this hot sauce has a "kick" but doesn't do any major damage. A slight warm tingle for those that are used to spice. It is more flavorful than anything... The entire band is addicted.
Are you interested in the premium version of the Starter Pack?  Click here to find out how to get it!
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